DTTG sync with DT 3.0 beta

My sync over Wifi between DTTG and DTPO is not working between DTTG and the new DT 3.0 beta. How do I go about creating another sync. You’d think the one I had would carry over to the new beta, or, is syncing not an option yet?

Got it. I had to enter a new location.

Seems to be having difficulty. Invalid Bonjour version, etc. Can’t seem to complete sync.

As an update, the sync finally completed without errors.

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Ok. Got my databases synced to DTTG and have chosen Always for download. All Databases are indexed to my local files on my Mac. I had created some Groups in DTTG and moved some files into them. A sync took place. I had to choose Move to External Folder to get them out of DT Database into my local folders. Is that what I’ll have to do each time I edit or move something in DTTG? I remember a few moves earlier this evening in DTTG was all automatic on the Mac side.

update: I just moved a file in DTTG to a different Group, watched the sync to DT take place. The file moved in DT but not in the Finder. When clicking on the file in DT, the only option is to “Move Into Database” and “Move to External Folder” is greyed out. When clicking “Show in Finder”, it goes to the correct file but not in the folder I moved it into in DTTG (and DT).

Just moved another file in DTTG, synced to DT and the file ended up in the Trash in DT when it should have gone to another Group.

Since installing DT 3 beta, syncs with DTTG have been taking a very long time. Even when just a few extra files have been added. I don’t remember any lengthy syncs in the previous generation of DT. The only difference is that I am indexing everything rather than importing into the database.