DTTG syncing breaks when using File Vault?

Are there any indications that activating File Vault breaks syncing with DTTG – I do not see my Mac in the Sync menu (in iOS) any more. Reset does not help. This is the case for both, DTTG on the iPhone and the iPad.

Devonthink syncing via WebDAV to an external server is not affected.
Thank you.

Can you check whether the Mac appears when you have the firewall off? Maybe something changed with those settings when you enabled FileVault. If things work with the firewall disabled, re-enable it again, but choose “incoming connections allowed” for DT.

Also: When changing these settings, it is always a good idea to re-start DTTG and DT afterwards, before checking whether things work now.

I’m using DTTG with FileVault and I’ve had no problems. I think I originally had to set it up this way, though, with bluetooth.
neilweisenfeld.com/2012/05/23/ho … hoc-wi-fi/

Once it is set up, everything works smoothly.

Just noticed that it now works (after unsuccessfully trying for a few days) – no changes made on my part. I only reset the sync (several times, though) and my Mac showed up again. Thank you.