DTTG Tags vs Groups

As I understand it, the passage below seems to indicate that names of groups containing the item would be listed as tags when viewing the info in DTTG. This isn’t the case for me. When I view an item’s info in DTTG, I only see tags listed. The parent group is listed as the location, but that only shows one level up rather than a full hierarchy. Am I misunderstanding the guide, experiencing a bug, or just confused?

See page 58 in the DTTG manual.

Just curious, why do you expect the whole hierarchy to be displayed?

Because the manual says so, as I understand it.

Example: A document is located in the group Science > Paleontology > Dinosaurs. Consequently, its tags are Science, Paleontology, and Dinosaurs. Now you create a sub-group of Dinosaurs named Land-living and move the document into the new folder. Automatically it is now tagged with Science, Paleontology, Dinosaurs, and Land-living.

DEVONthink To Go 3.5.4 Documentation, page 59

That applies to group tags only.

Screenshot 2022-08-06 at 11.42.36

So in the example above, an item in the group deeperfortagtest will be tagged both Test_Bills and deeperfortagtest.

Unfortunately DTTG does not use divergent icons for groups which are and are not excluded from tagging; you can determine that a group uses group tags by selecting the info symbol, where the Exclude from Tagging slider will be in the off position (@eboehnisch as DTTG is aware of whether a group uses group tags or not, would it be possible for an appropriate graphical representation, as is used in DT3?)

:thinking: Yes, that would, of course, be possible. Good idea! Noted!

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Added to the next maintenance release.

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