DTTG URL command support for creating tags

I’m getting a lot of use out of the new url scheme for creating documents in DTTG. Would love, however, if the scheme could create tags as a parameter the same way it can create a comment. This appears to be currently impossible in iOS even though the Devonthink Pro Office manual lists “tags” as a URL command parameter. Is this not yet implemented in iOS yet? Is it coming?

If my iOS workflow could automate the association of tags and comments with new documents I’d be golden.

The &tags parameter is not (yet) implemented on iOS. We’ll add it as a feature request.

+1 for this feature request. Thanks!

Is tag parameter implemented now?

Yes, it is.

I tried adding tags using URL Schemes on iOS, but it didn’t work.
Can you get me a example of adding multiple tags by URL Schemes?

It doesn’t seem to work. I am using this in workflow app:

x-devonthink://x-callback-url/createImage?source=Base64 Encoded&title=Title&tags=Tag&comment=Comment

Where am I going wrong?

This is a bug and has been filed. Thanks.

It works with the latest release!