DTTG won't sync - never managed to achieve a sync.

Hello all,

Just bought DTTG for note taking.
I have Devonthink Office Pro on my Mac.
Both are the latest versions.

I have a very small database in DTP that I use for notes, moving them to my other bigger databases as needed (my global inbox has over a 1000 docs waiting to me moved so I don’t sync that).

I entered the pairing code etc. to set up sync.

I select the Mac on my ipad.
I confirm just the one small database is selected to sync.
I click sync, and the little blue line appears for less than a second and then I’m dumped back at the ‘your documents will appear here’ screen.

I can’t seem to make it work.
Any ideas?


Did you move/replicate the documents that you want to sync to the Mobile Sync group in your database?

Ah thank you…
No I hadn’t done that, but I have now.

Wouldn’t work at first but after a power down of my iPad it worked.

Thank you so much!