DTTG3 editing functions on iPad pro - 'callout' not working properly?

Hi all,

I am just trying out the DTTG PDF editor instead of an external one. It looks great. I have one issue though. It seems that when I use the ‘callout’ function, there are three dots. Two of the three dots I can move - the two dots not connected with the callout ‘box’. However, it seems that I can’t move the dot connected to the box. This means I cannot move the place of the box without moving all the lines. It also seems that I can’t edit the width and the length of the box itself, which really does have a function if I am working in the margins of a document.

Is this a bug or is this expected behavior?

Many thanks for any help.


Move the middle dot. It repositions the anchored dot relative to the box.


Tap the annotation and choose Inspector. Make changes as you see fit.

Thanks! However, it would be great if I could move the box itself which contains the word “testing”. It seems that that is not possible?

You can move the box. However, the arrow is not anchored to where it’s pointing so moving the box is not going to reposition the arrow relative to the arrow’s head.

I’m sorry, I should’ve been clearer. My fault :slight_smile: (english is not my first language).

What I’m looking for is that I can make the box smaller or broader. Most of the time I want to use a callout is when I’m working in the margins of a document. This means that I want to make the callout box ‘fit’ in the margins. However - the box will widen depending on the text I type, which also means that it goes into the text beyond the margins. What I would like is that I can make the box (in the example above containing ‘testing’) to ‘fit’ into the margin, by making it’s width equal or slightly less wide than the margin itself.

I hope this makes sense?

No worries!

PDFs are handled by a third-party PDF framework. This isn’t even a function in their own application so they’d need to implement it and provide it to developers who license their framework.