DTTG3 is only downloading thumbnails

Longtime user of DT & DTTG. Because of sync bugs in version 2 of DTTG, I have not been using that product for a long while, although it remained present on my iOS devices until earlier today. Here’s my situation. I have 2 Macs using DT3, syncing through Dropbox. The databases are internal databases — that is, not indexed external databases. The 2 Macs seem to be working fine. My documents are fully syncing and present on both machines. No problems here.

However, DTTG is only showing me a thumbnail and the size of the document (I understand that “ghost docs” show a 0 for size — mine are showing their proper size in DTTG on iOS, so they are not ghosts as I understand it). DTTG will NOT let me download the actual document. It only shows me the thumbnail and size.

I had DTTG downloaded to 2 iPads and an iPhone. It has been the same situation on all 3 devices, thumbnails only. Trying to fix the problem, I first deleted DTTG 2 on all devices. Then, I also deleted DTTG 3 on all 3 iOS devices. No DTTG anywhere on iOS. Then, I reinstalled DTTG (3.0.3 of course) on only one iPad. The problem remains. I still have only thumbnails on the iPad. DTTG simply will not bring over documents from the sync store. My frustration level is pretty high.

Any suggestions?

This isn’t a solution, just a request for more info. If you long-press the name of the database in DTTG and select info, you will get the following screen:

Have you set the switch to Always, or On demand?


I was in the wrong place with my screenshot above. I had never seen that box by long pressing the database name. Now that I’ve seen it, it was “On demand” in this box. But it won’t let me change it to “Always.” I do I get it to let me choose “Always”?

I managed to get the switch flipped to “Always” under database info, but I still only have thumbnails. The documents still won’t download to DTTG.

On DEVONthink To Go’s Home Screen tap ? > Contact Us to start a support ticket. Thanks.

I’ve now done that. Thanks.