DTTG3 Journal as in DT desktop?

In the new DTTG would it be possible to have a sort of Daily Journal like in DT desktop?


The potential to create an entry in Markdown exists as we have new Shortcut actions for DEVONthink To Go 3 but no template is currently available.

Specifically, which features are you looking for?

Basically I would like to have an entry a day (collecting different daily lines grouped by day as in Drafts) like a “page a day”, collected per month…

The DTTG and DT Journal should update the same file.

Sorry, I don’t know Drafts
I create a Journal note each day
. just a document that I add lines throughout the day

Entries are sync’d and the list is available in DTTG and DTP

Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 14.18.17

AFAIK you use Pages, isn’t? I prefer an App independent way, Text or MD based

Thanks anyway

The format isn’t significant.
DT includes built-in editors for various formats including Text and MD

Ok, but…
in this case you write your daily journal “outside” DT? Could you please be clearer? TIA

It’s really not significant
I’m not a markdown user so I don’t use the MD format/editor
I have a complex layout, and am still experimenting with the format
I experienced rendering differences between DTP and DTTG
Pages was an easy solution