DTTG3 - Minor "issues"

Congrats for the release of DTTG3. It managed to sync all my databases, something that DTTG2 never managed to finish. Pricing is fantastic (costs as much as Bear Writer App and has tons of more value).

Now there are two small issues that plagued me in DTTG2 as well, things that make it not very practical in certain situations on the go:

  1. Marking passages to copy them is not always possible. So I am on the go, need to copy an info out of a document (an address, a telephone number, an IBAN number), and I can’t do it.

  2. Pinch to zoom is not working with certain HTML files or Markdown files at all. - Some documents are rendered with super tiny fonts, and I hardly can read them. But I can’t zoom them, although this is possible with pdf documents.

Anyone else noticed these?

What kind of documents did you use?

What’s the difference of those Markdown files that can and cannot be zoomed? A custom stylesheet?

Okay, obviously I need to touch and hold, until I can mark text. Seems to work im more cases then not. But it’s not a reliable process, not smooth as in other apps.

Actually I have a hard time finding documents that I can zoom.

I tried for instance

  • html files that were exported from Evernote
  • html files exported from Apple Notes
  • html files exported from Confluence wiki
  • markdown files exported from Bear writer app