DTTG3 Speech to Text Body>Edit Reboots

In DTTG3 I click on the +, select Text where in the body I click on the microphone and speak in the text in which will also be the title. I want this both as first part of the body and title. I select then Rich Text >Done. When I open the new text in Recents I select Edit it to input more information. If I select the microphone to engage the convert speech to text then DTTG3 shuts off and I am back at my iPhone/iPad home screen. DTTG3 seems to need to reboot if I use speech to text as the first part of the body. If I open this newly created file up again I can select the microphone and it will convert my speech to text which it didn’t do on the first try.

Something interesting is that if I type in the initial text in the body it seems to allow me to Edit without the DTTG3 reboot.
I use the speech to text because it is efficient and having to reboot the DTTG3 between stages detracts from this. Can this be corrected?

@aedwards would need to comment on this but is on sick leave today. He’ll join this thread when he feels better.

get well soon Alan :slight_smile:

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I can reproduce the issue, although at the moment it is unclear what the root cause is as the crash occurs in a system thread without any relating information to any DTTG code.

Thanks for looking into this . (I hope you are feeling better.)
It does seem there is a connection through DTTG in converting the body speech-to-text into the Name/Title. I say this with humility as you know best how this is done. It is important for me to have the Name/Title as the first line of the body with these. (The reason for this is because when looking at the Name/Title they only show 29 characters in portrait view & aren’t kept with the body if copied. The first 7 of these 29 I use for the date.)

If speech-to-text is done with the Name/Title it doesn’t reboot but then it takes about another long series of steps to go back and copy the Name/Title and paste it in front of the body. (The speech-to-text is great for taking notes without losing one’s train of thought while capturing it.)

Your assistance in eliminating this unfortunate reboot is appreciated.