DTToGo 2 split view

Hello all

After some difficulties to sync my DBs through Bonjour I started to use the app (I have as already said some lagging and hope the next version will improve this).

I bought the pro app-in as I wanted to annotate my PDFs and it works pretty well

What I wanted also to do is to use DT2 in split mode view as I wanted to write reading notes in parallel with my notes taking app Notability.

But, each time I tried this DT2 freeze (blank screen with DT logo) and crashed.

Is it something that some others encountered ?

I have an iPad Pro 9.7" with iOS 9 so far.

Just checked - working fine for me. iPP 12.9" - and the split view has worked from when I initially installed DTTG on iOS 9.x, until today, with iOS 10.x.

Does it open properly when you just open it and so it only crashes in split view mode?

it works fine once open and indeed it crash once I go into split view mode.

I just tested again right now and once I drag the split view window DTTG2 freeze and close I can’t even select any app in the split view window

Try uninstalling, doing a hard reboot, and reinstalling DTTG2. I use split view frequently – iOS 9 and now iOS 10 – without crashes. Actually, DTTG never crashes on iOS 10. Thankfully.

hum OK then it means hours again to resync all my DBs no? :frowning:

Yes. But on the other hand it might resolve your issue. Either is optional, of course.

Before to install again DTTgo I tried something.
I open first my app Notability then I open the split view window and then select DTTgo and then no crash…
I can go through DTTgo and open PDF file to annotate them
Strange… :confused: