Dual sync destinations?

Anyone running both cloud and bonjour sync? My theory is that when at home it would sync over the LAN to my computer and when remote it would sync over iCloud.

Any issues anyone has seen? Bad idea?


DEVONthink supports this but to correct your small misunderstanding… at home it’s not just going to sync via Bonjour if iCloud is still active. If both are active, both will sync.

I would ask, if you actually need the remote sync option though.

I have a Mac running DEVONthink doing automation work in the background and I would like to access those results remotely when traveling (not anytime soon though…) as well as add items that show up on the Mac for processing… I have DEVONthink on MacOS syncing to iCloud all the time.

I was planning on turning iCloud sync off on the iPad until I need to have it on thinking that as long as the local copy was already updated via bonjour then turning on iCloud would result in a pretty quick sync cycle since it only verifies the file status that should already match (presuming iCloud sync on Mac/DEVONthink is working correctly).

Of course, I’m making assumptions on how sync works…

Yes, you could disable iCloud syncing on the iPad but realize there is no effect of one sync on another, i.e., syncing with Bonjour will not share transactional data with the iCloud sync, so iCloud will have to do its own transactions and syncing, regardless of what Bonjour has done.

Also, if you are using shallow syncs in DEVONthink To Go (meaning Download Files: On demand), you will get a warning about the contents of the database not being available to sync. Since you’re connecting to the same sync location, you can proceed but you should be aware you’ll see the warning.

Thanks for the extra information. Sounds like using point-to-point VPN (like ZeroTier) to connect to my home Mac (presuming Bonjour is supported) might be a better choice.

Bonjour will not work over VPN.

I was hoping that with broadcast and bridging turned on it would, but it doesn’t…

Can I get a clarification on dual-syncing with Bonjour and iCloud?

Does your previous comment mean that I’ll have two complete copies of the DEVONthink data or only sync status data related to both sources?

Two complete copies of 10GB datasets doesn’t sound like a good idea…

Bonjour has no intermediary sync location as it’s direct machine to machine.

I’m had the same question and am having trouble to understand your reply in light of @leebutler’s question. Could I maybe rephrase it as follows?

If I have one database and set up sync via iCloud/WebDAV/Dropbox/… while also enabling Bonjour for that same database…

a) what data will exist twice on my device? Only metadata regarding sync status or will actual database content (e. g. files inside the database) exist twice on my device?

b) can I tell DTTG to perform a Bonjour sync first for databases that are synched to multiple stores (to allow files inside the database to be transmitted via the – presumably faster – local network if possible), before synching any cloud targets?

Popping this back to the top of the list.

Bluefrog, can you clarify what happens if we have both a Bonjour and an iCloud sync configured?

What ends up persisted on the iOS device? Any state data or only the final database?

Do we have any control over priority of the two syncs?

Should we turn off iCloud until we leave the LAN and bonjour won’t work? Is that going to cause a long sync process if we were using Bonjour for a long time? (i.e. work at home for 2 weeks and then travel and need iCloud sync?)


Always the same data, no matter whether you use additional sync locations or not.

The priority is automatically handled, faster sync locations like Bonjour, local sync stores or WebDAV have the highest priority.

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Thanks for the info!

FYI. I’ve been syncing via both Bonjour and Dropbox on a Mac, iPhone and iPad for years with almost no problems. Set it up that way for the exact reasons you mentioned.

Only issue I’ve had is that on iOS I get lots of “sync errors” saying the Mac is busy. Probably because the other iOS device was syncing. I basically ignore those and all works good. I do make a point to get all my devices together on a weekly basis and let them sync fully until I have the same counts on each. I suggest this especially if some of the devices are not used frequently.