Duplicate "Default" text style format

I’m sure this is more of a Mac issue than DEVONthink but experience tells me I’m more likely to find a solution here than anywhere else.

In the process of creating text formatiing styles for Rich Text files in DEVONthink, I named one 'Default". Obviously, a system default style already exists, which cannot be deleted.

I’m unable to delete my duplicate “Default” style, presumably because it’s called “Default”.

Perhaps somebody will be able to point me in the direction of the system file where these font styles are maintained or suggest an alternative solution.



Sorry but there is no known way of removing it that I am aware of.

Thank you for the super-speedy reply.

I’m going to assume that if a solution existed, you’d know about it - and if you don’t know, I can stop searching.


You’re welcome.
Yes, it’s not usual but it has happened before. I never found a solution for it.

I don’t know if it’s a consequence of Sod’s Law, Murphy’s Law or some other inescapable, cosmic rule but I’ve learned that the fastest way to find a solution is to post a question to an online forum.

Either somebody more knowledgeable will be generous enough to share a solution or, occasionally, despite having already searched Google extensively, a previously invisible search result will leap out.

Today, it’s the latter. An obscure Apple forum post from 2013 reveals:


I was able to change the name of the troublesome font style to “Default2” and can now happily delete it in DEVONthink.

Another win! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:t3:


Very nice. I’m adding that to my toolkit :slight_smile: