Duplicate document


could you please add the “current path” to the context menue when duplicating a document.

It’s confusing if you have advanced options using the right click context menu but not the basic action like you have when using the menu.

Nothing serious …but I often find myself searching for the right action in a needless way.


Could you clarify what you’re referring to here?

The filesystem path of indexed items? Or the location of an item inside the database?

Sorry for confusing you :see_no_evil:

What I’m talking about is the right click context menu on a document in the list view. There you have advanced options where to duplicate the document in the database but without the option for the current database folder of the document.
So you have to search for the current path in the list or you have to use the action from the menu where you don’t have any of the path options at all.

Umm… if you’re duplicating a document in its current location, why aren’t you just selecting Data > Duplicate or pressing Command-D ?