Duplicate Documents Created When Scanning

New to DevonThink and the forum. I have a ScanSnap IX500 scanner and DevonThink Pro Office. When I scan a document, 2 files are created - one in the Global Inbox and one in the Group I select. I would just like one copy of the document in the Group I select (and would like it to be a searchable PDF).

Do I need the second file (.pdf) in the Global Inbox? If not, is there some way to prevent it from being created?


  1. In ScanSnap Manager Settings > Save tab, do NOT choose Inbox as the location to which the scanner output file will be saved. The default is your Pictures folder, and that works well.

  2. In DEVONthink Pro Office Preferences > OCR, check the option to move the original scanner output file to the trash after character recognition. That will remove the original file from your Pictures folder after OCR.