Duplicate File Path

Checked forum history; everything on this topic seems to be old. So:

Now and then I want to clean house and check the Duplicates Smart Folder, but this poses some problems.

The path shown above is “Database name:Smart Folder:Duplicates”, which is not particularly useful, since I already know where I am. In order to see the path of the duplicate so I can decide which one to keep, I have two options:

  1. Open the Info pane, go down to the bottom and drop down the duplicate menu to see the paths.

  2. Open the Inspector, which on my laptop means I could be 5 columns wide, 4 if I close the sidebar, 3 if I slide the file contents view over the metadata, etc., all of which is totally redundant and irrelevant.

Perhaps I am missing something about how this works, or how to do this more efficiently, but if not, may I suggest that the path shown should not be that of the Replicant in the Duplicate folder, but the actual path of the original file where it resides in the database. And no, I do not want to use Reveal Path – that takes me there, which is not at all helpful.

Appreciate any suggestion; thank you.

You don’t want the path, you want the location. You can add the Location column in List view via View > Columns.