Duplicate Smart Groups (non-global) / Template?

Any help appreciated:

I have a database which contains groups, called say “2008”, “2009”, “2010”, “2011”…
Each of these groups needs to contain several smart groups, called say “green”, “red”, “blue”
The smart groups are identical to one another other than that they each search in a different location, and the ones in 2008 only find documents created in 2008, those in 2009 find documents created 2009 etc.

Of course I can set this up manually, but it will take me forever. I have found that global smart groups can be duplicated, but those in a database cannot. I’m sure there is a simple way to do this (use a template? I can’t find a template editor, I don’t know how to script, and there is no obvious way to export a group structure as a template for another group) - any help would be appreciated! :slight_smile: thanks :slight_smile:

This should be definitely possible, just tried this successfully via Data > Duplicate.

I can’t confirm that; whilst I have an entry “Duplicate” in the context menu of global smart groups, there is no such entry for smart groups in databases. The entry “Duplicate” in the Data menu is greyed out unless I highlight a group or file; it is never available when I highlight a smart group.

Select the smart group in the item list, not the Navigate sidebar, and you should be able to duplicate it.

D‘oh… yeah, I’ll try that when I get home :slight_smile: thanks

You’re welcome :slight_smile: