Duplicate-trouble: double and in red

I’m using the duplicate function in DT a lot. Since DT 2.0pb8 I notice when duplicating via the context menu an rtf-entry such duplication (a) produces not – as expected - one but two copies and (b) that they have the color of replicants, i.e. red. Thus a single act of duplicating any entry leaves me with three red versions of the document. – The “false replicants” seem to behave like the usual duplicates, but having to delete the superfluous one is bothersome and the change in colour makes the useful visual distinction between duplicants and replicants pointless. Has something gone wrong here? I can confirm that this happens both in DTP and in DTPO on OS 10.5.8 and OS 10.6.2.
Edit: The above happens when I choose to duplicate in the same folder where the original is. If I choose another folder I nevertheless get another copy of my original in the source folder.

Same for me. Duplicate function is unusable

Yes, I can confirm behavior, too. Creating a dupe, dupes not only to target group, but also in original group.