Duplicate vs. Replicate for Sync

What is the best way to mirror your data for the sync folder?

I cannot imagine that there would anything to gain with duplicating a document-replicating all the way here. Then any changes to the document when edited from the ‘normal’ group will be updated in DEVONthink To Go at the next sync.

Even if nowhere else I’d like Replicating by default to be possible when adding items to the Sync group.

Perhaps I need more explanation on the difference between replicate and duplicate.


A replicant is where you have one ‘master’ document in the database and each replicant is a pointer to that document. Edit one occurrence of the replicant and the change is reflected in every occurrence of the replicant. A duplicate of a document makes a copy. Edit one copy and every other copy remains unchanged. Duplicates also take up additional space in the database for the duplicated document. In other words, if you had a 1GB video file in the database and you duplicate that document, the size of the database will increase by 1GB. Replicants only increase the size of the database by a few bytes.

So I have a folder with 10 documents in it. I make a new folder in the sync folder, replicate the 10 documents in the new folder and sync. Now I’ve got the original document and two sets of replicants, one in the sync folder and one on the iPad, yes? I change document #1 in any place, all the documents #1 change.

BUT, if I add document #11 to the original folder, I still have to manually replicate it in the sync folder, is that right? The folder that I created in the Sync folder is not a replicant of the original folder, just the documents? What happens if I just replicated everything in the original folder again - would I end up with 11 documents in the sync folder or 21?

I probably just need to go home and play with some data. Too bad I’m stuck in the office. :slight_smile:


No. DT will manage it for you. Replicants can be groups or documents. If you replicate a group to the Sync folder, then documents additions/deletions/edits in the first group are reflected in the replicant group. If I replicate group A to group B, any document I add to A will automatically be replicated to B.

You’re right. Go home early today and try it! 8)

Oh, excellent!! Thanks, Korm.

I started at 6 AM, so only an hour to go. :smiley:

Thanks for the great explanations guys!


Cant you dust drag your entire directory structure into sync if you want to sync everything? Any pros or cons on this?

yes you can. Some folks have reported having trouble with large syncs, so you might want to try it a few groups at a time. But yeah, you should be able to sync the whole thing.

This is exactly what I have done. I played about with replicating groups etc but thought… what the hell… .I want everything on my iPad so why not just completely move my whole database group structure right into the sync group? Worked a treat and now I don’t even need to think about confusion of creating replicants and such. I just continue to use my DTPO as I always have. The only differnece is that my group structure now has a top level group called “Sync”.

P.S. no problems with synchronisation over wifi either. My DB is about 1.5Gb