"duplicated" bookmarks

Hi all,

i can’t find nothing about get rid of duplicated bookmarks (generated by scheduled search from devon agent).
i’d like generally to know how to search for items with same url.

Thanks for any suggestion

In your searchSet…
General > Filter > Archived Pages
Advanced > Results > Only new pages

i know…but anyway a lot of bookmarks are duplicated at every scheduled search…

but my question is about DTP and not Devon Agent, i hope there is a simple way to find duplicated boormarks.

Create a Smart Group with criteria…
Kind is Bookmark
Instance is Duplicate

duplicateBookmarks.pngNOTE: This does not mean they are necessarily byte-for-byte matches. Just be aware of that.

already tried, this does not work because documents are saved in DTP as “resource” so they appear as html pages, i want to get rid of elements with same url.
so there is a way to find records with same url?


Yes. Check the dropdown menu in the Smart Group. There are many options to use in a Smart Group, one of which is URL.

as fa as i know the smartgroup menu allow to search for URL that match some pattern but not to find duplicates one, could you elaborate?



thanks for reply.
yes, this works if you manually duplicate an instance, but not for different records with same URL.
if you want to try, create a new html page and give to URL attribute the same value of another record (html page) already in your database and you’ll see that this is not tracked by the smart group…


adding resources from Devon Agent means to have in DTP duplicated html pages with same URL (i speaked of bookmarks in subject, sorry), i want to delete all but one and i could not find an easy way to find those duplicates.

the script “Find & Remove Similar Contents” seems to partially do the job, but is tricky and not precise, at this point the only option seems to write a similar applescript.
any other suggestion?