Duplicates and symbols

Hi all,

I’m very new to DevonThink Pro, and am trying to understand a few things.

  1. The Duplicate Smart Group - Is this showing a single instance of the duplicate item, or all instances of the duplicate item? How can I compare the duplicate items with each other? Is there a way to mark an item as “not a duplicate”. I’m finding that I have several documents (emails in this instance) that have very similar content, but different date/time, sender, etc. However, it appears that they’re being marked as duplicates.

What do each of these symbols represent?

Thanks, in advance,


The Duplicates smart group lists all instances that are duplicates, means both documents, not just one. You cannot mark an item as “not a duplicate” as duplicate recognition is based on the AI structure and fully automatically.

The first one marks a duplicate, the second one tells you that the document has a comment attached (via Tools > Show Info), and the third one marks a replicated item.