Duplicates are NOT being marked as duplicates

Hi folks,

I have been suspecting for a while since using v3 that duplicate files are not always showing as duplicates for me. Today I was doing some file clean up and dragged a folder out of DTP onto the desktop. About and hour later I dragged it back into the same DB within DTP. All the files are identical but only 664 out of 1623 files are shown as duplicates in DTP. File types include PDF, Office docs (older and current file extensions), jpg, rtf, weblog, m4v, mp3, gif, webarchive, etc.

I see no reason or pattern for how the files are marked as duplicates or not and none of the file have been changed.

If I drag one of the sub groups back out to the Desktop and then back in as either imported or indexed (now have 3 entries of the files for that subgroup), then the files in those 2 subgroups show as duplicates. But if I then delete one of those 2 subgroups the files in the remaining subgroup still do not show as duplicates when they are.

This has been happening for a while. Any suggestions as to what is going on here? This makes file management a bit difficult.


V 3.5.1 on current Mac mini with 32GB of ram

What happens when you enable Preferences > General > Stricter recognition of duplicates?

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t see my listing nor notice to reply and I just reposted again in the thread about duplicate file issues.

The setting of stricter recognition of duplicates does not alter the behavior.

In the explanation I just posted, as a duplicate sorry, copying the file within the DB works as expected relative toward being recognized as duplicates with the original, but dragging the same file out and bring it back in to the DB does not.

Here is a link to the more detailed description I just posted to the other thread

Did you guys find a solution to this situation?
I have some video files where the properties are the same, and even the shasum tool tells me they are identical, but the URL and Name are different.

I’m most interested in identifying if the videos are different inside and I don’t want interference from the metadata surrounding the video (i.e. filename shouldn’t matter and URL shouldn’t matter).

I typically leave Stricter recognition of duplicates checked but checking and unchecking it doesn’t help me with this list of video files. However, running the command line tool shasum on them tells me they are identical signatures.

Wonder if DT3 might be able to store an shasum with each file and then allow me to sort those to see which files are duplicates. Must be an easy way… I’ll keep thinking about it. I don’t like to solve the problem just once, but I will if I have to compare each file with shasum at the command line after finding the similarly named file that is NOT marked as a duplicate for some reason…

But looking for any thoughts you guys might have. Thanks a bunch.