Duplicates detection not working properly only recently

For about two weeks (could be since the latest update) duplicate detection is no longer working properly.

What happens is I create a duplicate of a file manually and edit one of them externally in Microsoft Word. After editing and saving, in the past Devonthink would see that it is no longer a duplicate. Now it still thinks that the file is a duplicate.

I have “stricter detection of duplicates” on.

Do other users note this behaviour?

I just did a test. Moving the file out of the database (by copying it and deleting it from the database) and then moving it into the databbase by dragging it into Devonthink fixes the issue for the imported file.

I had 3 duplicates, but now I have two.

It seems that after editing the file, somehow the hash or something similar is not recalculated? Is this a MacOS issue?

Does File > Updated Indexed Items fix this after editing & saving the document externally?

Yes it does! Strange as the file is not indexed at all. It is in the database itself.

This menu item can be also used to update internal items which were externally edited (but not automatically updated, e.g. due to disabled filesystem events or filesystem events not supported by volume)