Duplicates folder is empty

Hi Newbie here. I am trying to use the duplicates smart folder and it appears to not be working. Nothing shows up in the folder even though when manually find one and inspect it with the “See also/Clarify” function the two files show up with green bars as described in the tutorials and forum posts.

When I manually create a duplicate, then the duplicates show up in the duplicates folder. I have tried changing the scope of the duplicates folder and also moving the example not registering duplicates into the scope of the duplicates smart folder

Thanks in advance for helping me!

I don’t have information about the specific files you mention, but note that if you have duplicate documents in a database, then Control-click on one of them and choose to move it to a different database, the two items will no longer be listed as duplicates.

Also note that See Also works only within a database, not across all open databases.