Duplicates - Move Duplicates to Trash

For as long as I’ve been using DT, I’ve been archiving my email and have well over 16GB. I’m going through and cleaning up spam and other email that is not needed, and is taking up space. I’ve found that I have over 1000 duplicate emails, and want to get rid of those. I see that there’s a script called “Move Duplicates to Trash”, and I’m curious about exactly what it’s going to do. If I were to run/execute it, would move both the original and the duplicate to the trash (which I don’t want it to do)? If not, which is moved, and how is that decision made?

No, one copy remains. But I would suggest to enable the stricter recognition of duplicates first.

The script doesn’t prefer any duplicate as there’s no such thing like an original in DEVONthink. It just processes the selection. Selected items which aren’t duplicates anymore (as the other duplicate was already trashed while processing the selection) are skipped, therefore one copy remains.


@cgrunenberg Thank you. :slight_smile: