Easiest way to enter Spotlight Comments?

I have a Spotlight Comments column in my document pane, but cannot enter Spotlight Comments directly into the column. As far as I can tell, the only way to enter Spotlight Comments is to open Get Info (Shift-Command-I) and enter the comment into the Get Info pane.

Is there any easier way to get comments in there? Ideally, it would be great to enter it directly into the Spotlight Comments column of the document pane.

Okay … I just discovered I was wrong. When I create a new note and enter the new note’s name in the Name column, I can tab to the Spotlight Comments column and also to the Tags column.

I’m creating a Keyboard Macro to automate some of this, and just need to figure out how to jump from the columns in the Documents Pane to the View/Edit pane where I enter the text of the note. It appears if I hit Shift-Tab 5 times I get from the Name column to the View/Edit pane.

Does that sound right? Is there a faster way, like some keyboard combo that jumps to the View/Edit pane?

I usually avoid KM macros that move things around the UI since they are so hard coded and ready to fail if something minor changes. Here’s my version of the spotlight comment editor macro. I happen to use a palette for my DEVONthink macros, but you could modify this to use a keyboard shortcut or other method.

(A similar macro could be written in TextExpander.)

Edit Spotlight Comments.kmmacros.zip (1.81 KB)