EASY FIND not working

I have installed Easyfind in my MacPRO, but I am unable to utilize the program. Its prompts me to provide Disk Access, under Security and Privacy, which I do provide, but when I go to the search button and type for a file like " pptx" there is zero activity .

Does anybody have a clue!

I am using MacBig Sur ver 11.3.1

Welcome @Deepak

Are you using the Active Finder Window option?
If so, that is a known issue and will not work at this time.

That’s strange. I use EasyFind with no issues (11.3.1 also).

Would you please post a screenshot?

Are you using the option I mentioned?

I don’t have Finder open if that’s what you meant.
I just open Easy Find and it works with no issues.

The issue relates specifically to using the Active Finder Window option in the Location dropdown.

You don’t have the Finder open? Are you using PathFinder or similar app?
Just curious.

Oh I see now. Thanks.

You’re welcome.