Easy question: Do I need DevonNote if I have Devonthink?

Lightness of -Note aside, does anyone have a reason for using both? It seems like Devonthink handles everything -Note does.

Also, while I have your attention, has there been any tidbits on details for -Think 2.0? Sounds like it will be released this year but do we know what sort of advancements we can look forward to besides a rehauled database (perhaps what that means for us). I haven’t search the forums or released notes so perhaps I am dabbing in common knowledge but appreciate anyone filling me in.

Well, I thought it would be easy to answer.?

The DEVONthink applications are more powerful than DEVONnote.

But because DEVONnote can “float” a window above any other application (Window > Keep Windows in Front), it’s a convenient note-taking vehicle while viewing a PDF, WebArchive or other file. When not in use, the DEVONnote window can be minimized to the Dock.

Then the notes can either be exported and imported into a DEVONthink application, or copy/pasted into a DEVONthink application (Data > New > With Clipboard, or Command-N).

On my ModBook DEVONnote takes a tick less than two seconds to open with its database. So I sometimes use it like a super-Widget to make notes while I’m reading another document.

DEVONthink 2 is coming this year. You’ll find an occasional recent tidbit about it in the forum by Christian and Eric. It will make you say WOW.

What will make me say Wow, can you give a link. I’m new to this forum and am not sure which section to go under. I’ll take a look in the mean time.

We don’t want to post a list of specs yet. But as Christian and Eric have noted, Quick Look will play a role, for one thing. Search operators and syntax will be more powerful. New content can be directed to a chosen database, whether or not it’s open. And so on. It is a major upgrade.

Maybe not “Wow” but definitely “cool.” I’ll be looking forward to the upgrade. Now I just need to make sure I am subscribed so I am not the last to know.