Easy question

Does anybody know how to open windows in DT without that obnoxious new light-blue column on the left? That’s great to have in the MAIN or BROWSER window upon freshly opening a database. But it appears in EVERY newly opened window. Also, what is this new space-taking feature called?

Thank you.

It’s the sidebar and can be dis/enabled via the View menu or the toolbar (by default the item to the left).

It’s called the Sidebar (View > Show/Hide Sidebar). You will see a keyboard shortcut for that menu command that toggles display of the Sidebar. When you need it, press that keyboard shortcut. When you don’t need it, press that keyboard shortcut.

The Sidebar is similar in concept to the left column of a Mail window. It provides information about the Global Inbox and other databases that’s not evident otherwise. It allows dragging of content from one database to another.

As DEVONthink 2 evolves, I suspect you will find the Sidebar more and more useful.

For example, in the next beta it will display smart groups that contain content from multiple databases. Clearly, such smart groups could not appropriately be displayed in any single database.