Easy way to get a file in DTP from application file window


I’ve got most of my documents soley DTP at this point. However, I’m discovering that more often than I’d like, I need to point to a file using the open dialog box in an application. The most common use case is when uploading a file via a browser window, where it opens a dialog box and expects you to navigate to the folder on the file system. While you can reveal the file location in DevonThink, note the full path, and then navigate there manually, this is not very efficient (especially given the sometimes cryptic naming conventions of the folders that DT uses in it’s database). Is there a good workflow for this?


You could use Data > Show In Finder and drag & drop the file to the Open panel.

Just checked this and it’s even possible to directly drag & drop files from DEVONthink to the Open panel of other applications.

Interesting - never thought to try that. Thanks for the response.