Easy Way to See Date & Time of Last Synchronization?

In Preferences / Sync, you can click on a sync location on the left panel and the right panel shows a list of databases. That list shows the date and time of the last synchronization.

Is there an easier way to see that information?

Thanks for any advice!

Do you mean in fewer than 3 clicks?

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Yes I mean in fewer than 3 clicks (actually, it’s 4), and not in a preferences panel where one can make unintended changes. One shouldn’t have to pop the hood of a car to check how many miles it has been driven.

Also, to put the question in context, I have limited vision, often use screen magnification, and constantly clicking through menus is not ideal. My experience has been that Devonthink’s sync functionality is not 100% reliable (and yes, I’m using one of the supported options). More than once I have changed locations and found that sync had not taken place. Therefore, every time I change locations, I need to check the sync status. Going into the preferences pane every time, and being super careful not to change anything unintentionally, is simple not efficient.

Which option do you actually use? Having a look at the Log panel (and enabling the option to show it automatically) should be usually sufficient.

Hi cgrunenberg,

Thanks for the response.

I use iCloud (CloudKit). The log window has the automatic checkbox enabled. The log doesn’t show successful syncs (a good thing since that happens very often); it maybe shows an attempted sync that encountered an error, such as no Internet access. Also, I can recall once where I don’t remember seeing a log error and yet there was no sync, perhaps because there was no sync attempt.

Anyways, looks like I’ll have to keep going to the Preferences pane. Perhaps the devs can think about this issue. My point is that there is information being provided in the Preferences pane that should really be provided elsewhere.

Do you use the automatic sync or a scheduled one (e.g. every 5 minutes)?

I am using the automatic sync setting.

it maybe shows an attempted sync that encountered an error, such as no Internet access.

Are you on a poor network connection?

The few times I’ve had sync issues don’t seem to correlate with network speed or reliability. I can’t be 100% sure, of course.

My impression is that, on very rare occasions, if something goes wrong with DT or the OS or both, DT may still work but stops syncing. The one time I know for sure this happened, I remember looking at the preferences pane and saying that the last sync date/time was not very recent, and closing / restarting DT solved the issue. That’s when it occurred to me that by looking at the date/time that DT did its last sync, I could reduce the risk of issues.