Easy web archive

For some reason, control/click isn’t doing it for me in Safari or Firefox - Devon just isn’t coming up as an option.

Here is something slick, which BareBones has implemented in their new update to Yojimbo: there is a “how do I” in Help, and when you click “capture web pages” it leads you to web pages where you can drag and drop bookmarks to the bookmark bar of Mac browsers: “Archive in Yojimbo” and “Bookmark in Yojimbo.” Really works!

Can I do that with DT Pro?


Not yet. But hopefully soon.

If you have installed the scripts (there’s the option the first time you launch DT), then i the scripts menu is “Add Web Archive to DEVONthink.” That’s not workable enough?

V1.1.2 will support bookmarklets.

the bookmarklet feature in 1.1.2b5 seems to work very well. I just stuck them in the news submenu of my safari bookmark bar and away they go. nice.

gold medal for christian.

leads me to 2 other related (but admiteidly somewhat off topic) issues:

  1. why aren’t archived pages (and any new material) added to the group specified for “new notes” in prefences?

  2. why can’t you highlight text on a web page to use the “set titlet as” contextual menu?

  1. This will be enhanced.

  2. This should be already possible as long as some real text (e.g. no graphical headlines) is selected.