EasyFind 3.4 problem

I can’t get this to open - had np problem with previous version - did all the normal permission repairs, etc - any suggestions?



I downloaded and installed the update and it’s working fine. Here’s what I did:

[1] Double-clicked on the compressed downloaded file to decompress it and open a disk image that contains the application and associated files.

[2] The first time I installed EasyFind, I first created a new folder in my Applications folder, and named it “EasyFind Folder”. Now, I selected all the files in the disk image and dragged them into that folder, replacing the previous contents.

[3] For the earlier version of EasyFind, when it was launched I set its Dock icon to remain in the Dock. Since I updated EasyFind into the same folder location, its Dock icon still points to the right location and still launches EasyFind after the update.

Tip: If you had a Dock icon for launching EasyFind, but moved the update to a different location in your Applications folder (and deleted the old version), the old icon will no longer launch EasyFind. Drag the old icon out of the Dock, go to Applications and double-click EasyFind to launch it. A new EasyFind icon will appear in the Dock. If you wish it to stay there, set it to remain. From now on, it will lauch EasyFind.

If all alse fails, reinstall EasyFind using the approach in [1] above. Just to be on the safe side, you might also delete the .plist file for EasyFind, which is located in


and is named “org.grunenberg.EasyFind.plist”

Same problem… previous version works fine

2005-03-11 08:04:30.743 EasyFind[564] Unable to find class: CheckKeyApplication, exiting

Previous version has some memory issues, doing a simple match string within files would bloat vm to gigabytes

Thanks all - The problem was with the first posted download. I downloaded from an alternative site & it worked fine.