EasyFind 5.0.1 Updates


Long time user of EasyFind… Thanks.

Just updated to 5.0.1 and EasyFind now seems to be trying to check for updates daily (even when not open/running)

How can I disable the update check ?


Where did you download EasyFind? EasyFind doesn’t even include an automatic check for updates.

From your website. (yeah, I can’t see any options to either enable or disable in prefs)

Actually, I also DL PhotoStickies … Perhaps it is that that is trying to connect to download dot devontechnologies dot com

(It is triggered by helpd)

Also can’t see any options in photostickies related to updates.

Helpd is a background task of the system, maybe it’s connecting to our servers while indexing the help and looking for online updates.

it is happening when neither EasyFind nor PhotoStickies are running…

Helpd is independent of these apps and performs the indexing in the background.