EasyFind 5.0 – Active Finder Window option not working

As far as I can see, the ‘Active Finder Window’ option ins’t working as it should. With this option selected I get no results, whereas if I select the corresponding folder using the ‘Select…’ option I get the expected results.

(macOS 10.15.4)

Is EasyFind allowed to automate the Finder?

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, it’s listed and checked in the Automation section of the System Preferences.

Weird. Over here it’s not listed and macOS doesn’t display the prompt but should.

I was just opening this exact same ticket!

Thank you very much for EasyFind, I like it very much, being using it for several years!

I just updated it to version 5.0, although I’m glad to see it now supports the dark theme, unfortunately the “Active Finder window” location is not working anymore. I’ve always used just that option, but now it just plays a warning beep and do not find anything.
EasyFind is allowed to automate Finder too, have always been.

Could you please fix it?

The next maintenance release will fix this.