EasyFind 5.0 errors in Catalina

I realize this is not the fault of your developer for EasyFind, but the string of point updates Apple has released for Catalina has really botched EasyFind’s results.

At Catalina’s initial release (and I think the first few point updates) EasyFind 5.0 fixed the initial problems version 4 had. But now we have these issues:

  1. Matching returns are all listed twice. Such as these Location examples for the EasyFind app itself:


The user doesn’t need to see the second line. It only adds confusion to those who aren’t quite sure what they’re parsing out of that. I do understand the second line is clarifying the pseudo split of Catalina’s volume group, but a search with lot of matches makes the list of returns twice as long. Maybe separate them like this:

a) If a match is literally in the read only System folder, then mark it as such.


b) If the match is in the user Data volume, list it something like this.


But some method where a match is listed only once, instead of twice for the same file or folder.

  1. When listing matches on an a Catalina volume that is not the startup drive, EasyFind now only returns matches for items in the System folder. The Data volume is entirely ignored.

A screenshot of your search settings would be useful, thanks.

Hi cgrunenberg,

To try and narrow it down, I first deleted all preference files, and anything else EasyFind generates so it acted as a first time use.

Using All Words, or the default of Phrase generates the same results. If I select “System” as the search location, it only returns matches in the Data volume. But if I select the drive name, then it doubles up all search results. With, or without the “Include” options.

Thanks for the screenshot, the next maintenance release will fix this.

Thank you for the update. Just to reiterate, non-startup Catalina volumes don’t duplicate entries, but will only return matches in the Data partition.