Easyfind doesn't work

How disable and re-install Easyfind? It doesn’t find anything any more

There is nothing to disable.

Please post a screen capture of an EasyFind search and explain what you’re actually looking for and where.

I am looking for the text “barthes” inside files inside my user folder…

What kind of files should be found?

in this case a PDF; but I look for text element also in htm, doc, rtf
I don’t know if EasyFind depends in a way from Spotlight…

EasyFind can search only the contents of text-based files (see Settings drawer), e.g. plain text, HTML/XML or source code.

got it! so even the PDF-text are not searched?

Correct. PDF isn’t a text-based format - at least they haven’t been in a long time.

A pdf read by DTP? Pdf scanned…?

Neither of those would affect the situation.
DEVONthink being able to read the file doesn’t make it text-based.

Have you tried DEVONsphere Express ?

does DSE allow searching text in OCR PDFs?

Yes. That’s why I mentioned it :wink: