EasyFind - How to clear the search locations?

EasyFind 5.0.1 on MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave
Recently replaced my Hard Drive with an SSD but EasyFind still lists search location aliases from my old Hard Drive which no longer exists.

How can I clear the search location drop down list so that only current locations are shown. For that matter, how do I clear the list of very old recent search locations when the list becomes too long ???

I can’t find where this list is stored, nor can I find any answer to this anywhere in this forum or on the Internet more generally. Perhaps there needs to be a clear list option within the software.

See ~/Library/Application Support/EasyFind

No, I have looked in here and the folder is empty. I have searched all local drives using EasyFind and HoudahSpot and deleted every listed file and folder containing the name ‘easyfind’. I have then downloaded again from your website and reinstalled EasyFind but still this dropdown list remains the same (see screenshot). What else can be done? this app definitely needs a ‘clear list’ command to remove all the recent search locations.
I’d send a screenshot but I get the message that ‘new users cannot upload attachments’

By default the menu lists all volumes, all folders of your home directory, all folders on your desktop and certain system folders (applications, system etc.).

Yes, those are all present and OK. The problem is it also lists all the locations used in previous searches most of which no longer exist since they were on the old hard drive which is no longer in use. How do I get rid of these locations from the list???

Did you check ~/Library/Favorites, does it contain any aliases/folders?

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Yes the Favorites folder was the problem. Deleted all the aliases and the menu is now correctly clean. Thank you.