EasyFind – macOS 10.13 compatibility?


After installing macOS 10.13 (High Sierra), EasyFind has become incredibly slow. With macOS 10.12 and previous versions, searching the internal hard drive (SSD) probably took about a minute. Now ten minutes isn’t enough to finish a search. Is EasyFind not yet fully compatible with APFS?


AFPS on High Sierra doesn’t fully support fast catalog searching. But ten minutes is indeed very slow, how many files/folders does this volume contain?


The startup partition, which is the one I was searching, contains 1.925.898 files. I’m not sure about the number of folders; I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.

I just checked: searching the startup partition takes about 30 minutes with these settings:

Search for: Files & Folders
Operator: All Words
Comparison: Ignore Case
Include: Invisible Files & Folders


Depending on what you’re looking for, disabling the “Invisible Files & Folders” option or searching only inside a certain folder (e.g. your home directory) should speed this up. But it’s indeed very slow, over here it requires less than 3 minutes. Maybe there’s a lot of concurrent disk activity, e.g. by Spotlight or Time Machine?


Before installing macOS 10.13, I had both Invisible Files & Folders and Package Contents checked, but I’ve turned off the latter now in the hope that that would speed it up some.

There hasn’t been much other activity while I’ve used EasyFind. I don’t use TimeMachine, and Spotlight should be indexed already. It’s been the same every time I’ve used EasyFind since installing High Sierra.


Yes, same here. It is somehow not compatible with APFS file systems. I’ve tried some others that do work but I like Easyfind better so I hope it is made compatible because it is not usable in it’s current form.


Is there any chance of an update?


Maybe (!) later this year or at the beginning of next year but no promises… other projects have a much higher priority.


please don’t forget us… thx


Any news about this?


Nothing to report at the moment.