EasyFind macOS 12.6 Montery not working


I used EasyFind over years and was always very satisfied.

Now I tried to use it on macOS 12.6 Montery, but i could not start it. I get an error message when trying to start the .app: “You can’t open the EasyFind.app program because it may be corrupt or incomplete.”

The downloaded filesize EasyFinder.app is 6.927.721 Byte (7,2 MB on Volume).
MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018), Intel

What is wrong???

Thx for reply

Welcome to the DEVONthink diaspora!

Working fine here on macOS 12.6. So that not the issue. I guess what I would do first is believe the message. Delete the app, re-download, and install.

I downloaded it several times from the devon-page, same message every time… :thinking:

One down-load should be enough. You didn’t mention that.

  • Did you delete the app before doing a new install?

  • Any messages on installation?

  • Any messages in Menu: Apple Logo → System Preference → Icon: Security & Privacy => Tab: General → then look at bottom about apps to allow?

And “devon-page” is not very specific. Are you downloading Ver 5.0.2 from DEVONtechnologies | Download ?

Yes, I downloaded Ver 5.0.2 from DEVONtechnologies | Download.

  • What installation do you mean? After downloaded and dekompressed the .zip there’s only the “EasyFind.app” in the zip. So I only move this to the applicationsfolder - without any messages.

  • No message in Apple Logo → System Preference → Icon: Security & Privacy => Tab: General

The App Icon is greyed out, look at attachment.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-20 um 12.09.41

Which browser did you use and did you decompress it via the Finder?

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That’s it! Many Thanks!

I downloaded with Safari and decompressed with “The Unarchiver” within Finder.

Now I decompressed it with the internal decompressor and now it’s working!

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I would suggest reporting this behavior to the Unarchiver team, if yoou haven’t already.

I reported it and will post the reply here :+1:

Much appreciated. :slight_smile: