EasyFind on Mac searching Pages


I am quite happy to have found EasyFind, which has already helped me with some searaching of old text files on my Intel IMac. I have not figured out how to have it search Pages files, the newest Apple word processor, part of the iWork suite.

I figured out how to add extensions to the program. For instance I added “cwk” for AppleWorks files and it has been searching them correctly. But adding the “pages” extension has not allowed EasyFind to seearch Pagaes files.
Am I missing something? Can anyone help?

Thank you,
Rick Kesler

As Pages documents are file packages containing compressed XML data (.xml.gz), EasyFind is not (yet) able to scan this.

Thank you much for the reply about Pages searches. I can now save in another format those documents I might want to search later.
Rick Kesler