EasyFind - Problem refining search with wildcards

Hi! First of all: Thank you very much for doing this program. Spotlight in Mavericks sucks and I needed a replacement for finding audiofiles at work. Then I’d like to ask you patience as I’m not the greatest with search syntax, code and stuff.

Now here’s the thing… I’m trying to be specific with my search and i can’t manage to do that. I searched in the forum and I read that it was not possible to refine filename searchs with Booleans (such a shame) and that you had to use the so called Wildcards.

So my search foes like this:

How could I exclude the results with the word “likestar”?
Many of my tries are variations of this:

*bagg* [^*likestar*]

but none of them got results whatsoever…

Thanks in advance and greetings from Argentina!

That’s currently not possible but a future release will support Boolean+Wildcard for filename searches.

Oh ok! that would be awesome, I really need something to replace Spotlight efficiently. The fact of being able to copy the files, open another folder and move them there is awesome and I couldn’t find anything like it.

Thanks for you quick answer, cheers!