EasyFind - Search string including period

Can I search the contents of files for a string that includes a period (ex. “AppDelegate.swift”). I have a known file with this string. Searching for “AppDelegate” returns the file, but searching for “AppDelegate.swift” does not.

Welcome @InvaderZim62

What kind of file are you searching for and what operator are you using?

I’m having no issue with an RTF file…

I am searching all files in an application package (MacBook). I’m expecting to find the string in a file named Template.plist, which is a pure ASCII text file. I used the same settings and search string as your screen capture, plus “Package Contents”.

I just noticed the left part of your screen capture, showing plist near the bottom. I re-ran with plist selected, and it worked. Thanks for your help @BLUEFROG.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: