EasyFind - searching the Filesystem

I usually use terminal to do my various searches of the filesystem, and wondered if I could just as easily do them using HoudahSpot, but quickly learned that I couldn’t. So it was suggested that I give EasyFind a try, and since it’s a DEVONtechnoliges product, I was all over it.

The last “find” that I ran was:
find ~ -type f \( -iname ".*" ! -iname ".DS_Store" ! -iname ".Bridge*" ! -iname ".Synology*" ! -iname "*.plist" \) -print

I’m now wondering if the above search can be done in EasyFind. That is, trying to locate any file in the filesystem that begins with a period (.) that is not named “.DS_Store” or “.Bridge*” or “.Synology” or “.plist”

Being that I’m extremely new to EasyFind, having just downloaded it, I’m not sure what type of operator to use. I’m guessing that I want “wildcards”, as that’s the only time that I get any relevant hits on .*, but it fails when I use .* !".DS_Store

Using RegEx works for ^\., finding anything that because with a period, but there’s no NOT in RegEx, thus making it very difficult to exclude the thing that I don’t want.

Why are you trying to locate any hidden file in the filesystem?

Because I used to hide things there, that I didn’t want found. Encrypted DMGs, that I’d renamed with a period in front of it. (I spent most of my career doing computer forensics, so I know how and where to hide things that I don’t want easily found.) :wink:

so I know how and where to hide things that I don’t want easily found.

You’re so good at hiding things, even YOU can’t find them! :flushed: :stuck_out_tongue:

In EasyFind, enable Include: Invisible Files & Folders.
Set the Operator to Regular Expressions and enter this seach term: ^\.(?!([DSB]|.*plist))

  • ^ : anchor at beginning of string
  • \. : escape dot to look for a literal period.
  • (?!… : use a negative lookahead
  • ( : segregate the two conditions in internal parentheses
  • [DSB] : ignore anything starting with D, S, or B (case-insensitive here)
  • | : OR
  • .+plist : match one or more occurrences of any character
  • )) close the internal parentheses and the lookahead

Here are the hidden files on my desktop…

And here is what is matched after ignoring the specified ones…

I long ago stopped hiding things that way, but was looking for something and couldn’t find it. I was hoping that I had it in a hidden archive, but I didn’t. I had to restore it from backup. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the RegEx. I’ve forgotten TONS over the years, as my Unix SysAdmin days are at 30 years behind me! :wink:

You’re welcome. Glad to be able to help. :slight_smile:

Much appreciated! Shouldn’t you be asleep!? :joy:

It’s only midnight here. Maybe I shouldn’t still be working but asleep?? :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Right! I’m sitting here retouching images for a client. I’ll sleep when I’m dead … or in a few hours. Which ever comes first. :upside_down_face:

I’ll sleep when I’m dead …

Hahaha! I am well known for using this saying. :stuck_out_tongue: