EasyFind super slow with OS 10.11 update

I use EasyFind on my Mac and when my computer was upgraded to OS 10.11 El Capitan, EasyFind slowed to a crawl. I ran the exact same search on my computer with El Capitan and another machine with 10.10 and it took 20 minutes vs less than one minute on 10.10. Anyone else having this issue?

No. A screenshot of the settings might be useful. In addition, what kind of volumes do you search? SMB is now a lot slower (due to security issues as far as I remember).

Do you mean a screen shot of my Easyfind window? Here’s one.

I am searching an SMB, however I’m searching the exact same location on both computers and it’s much much faster on one than the other so I don’t think that’s the issue.

Just a note: This is not an apples-to-apples comparison. You are talking about two entirely different operating systems.

SMB is a lot slower on the latest releases of macOS.

I understand - I believe that the different OS is what’s causing the problem. My question is whether anyone else is having this issue when upgrading to El Capitan and if so, will any updates be made to EasyFind so that it works well with the new OS?

Bear in mind the new OS is macOS 10.12 Sierra.

I’m obviously not a tech genius, but I don’t see how calling me out on semantic errors is in any way helping to answer my question. I use your software. It was previously working well for me. It no longer is. I don’t see why you can’t tell me:

A) Have you heard of this issue before when users have upgraded to 10.11?
B) If so, will anything be done to remedy it as I can’t find a new release past 2014?

It’s not a semantic issue. Apple made changes to OS X that can result in drastic slowdowns for sharing or reading files via SMB. This isn’t an issue caused by or fixable by EasyFind.

You might contact Apple Support or search or ask your question at the Apple Communities page: discussions.apple.com/welcome