EasyFind two questions.

Hi again!

Now I’m testing EasyFind and I like very much.

I have two questions please:

1 - In order to search in ftp volume I drag and drop it to the tab in EasyFind but If I select to find in other location this one disappear. It’s posible to remember this server in the search window?

2 - I was looking at the forum but I have not clear. Can I assign cmd F to open EasyFind?

Much thanks!

If the drive is mounted it should be listed in the dropdown.

There is a service EasyFind: Find Selection… you could add a hotkey too. This should work for selected text. You could assign a keyboard shortcut in System Preferences > Keyboard >Shortcuts > Services > Text

You could add aliases of additional locations to the folder ~/Library/Application Support/EasyFind.

Thanks and sorry by the delay.

I was working with a FTP volume from outside mounted in finder with Montain Duck , and I think that was the reason for not appear listed. Any way this FTP working method was not good for me and I returned to physical drives then I start using DEVONsphere Express. This software is most powerful than Easy Find or is better to use both?.

Much thanks!

DEVONsphere Express is more powerful but there’s nothing wrong with using both, as needed.

Ok thanks BLUEFROG!