EasyFind won't quit


I have just downloaded EasyFind (last week). I am running Mac OS 10.4.

When I try to use the Find Folders/Files part of the application, the application goes on and on. When I try to force quit (any way, with the Force quit menu, with quick keys, with the option key) it won’t quit!!
If I use the Force Quit menu, the application goes away for a second then reappears, and in the dock continues to appear as an open application.

I tried to reinstall the application, no change, same thing happens.

I really like this program, I don’t like spotlight, and I want to keep using it, but this is going to be a problem it happens every time-any suggestions? :confused: :confused:

That’s strange - EasyFind does neither relaunch itself nor block “Force quit”. Sounds like another process is launching EasyFind again and again. Maybe a restart will solve this.

just tried version 3.81 on my emac 10.4 …no problems …are you using 3.9?

yes, I am using 3.9-