I recently acquired EasyFind and have found it to be a terrific little program for accurately finding information on my MacBook Pro. Previously, YEP and LEAP were the best but EasyFind actually works better for all the files I need to search. Devon products simply work and work well.
Thanks for the great products and outstanding support!!

Thanks for the kudos :smiley:

Re: Easyfind on MacBook Pro, OS X Lion 10.7.4

It seems Easyfind does not find content of files. Strangely enough, it seems to find 3-letter words content in Apple Pages. I was hoping to use Easyfind to find contents of Pages-documents, but it does not work (not a good investment).

Investment? :astonished: Anyway, EasyFind supports only plain files, see EasyFind not finding

EF will find the HD the lost file is on but I need it to find the folder it’s in. I have checked “Files & Folders” but it will not tell me the polder it’s in> Thanks

EasyFind reports the file path in the results. Post a screencapture of what you’re seeing.

How can I print the EasyFind list of found files?
I can Select All and Copy, but I can’t Paste what is copied anywhere.

You can’t print from EasyFind.
If you select results and copy, you can paste the paths into a plaintext document in TexEdit.

Thank you, Blue Frog. Problem is: Select All; Copy; Paste into Text Edit gives me icons, not the text from EasyFind. (It also happened to crash EasyFind, so I’m re-running the search.)

Select All; Copy; Paste into Text Edit DOES work after rebooting EasyFind. Had to set Text Edit file type first.

TextEdit defaults to RTF, which most people want. With the new document press Shift-Command-T to convert it to plaintext before pasting.