I have purchased an ebook for technical reference. It has copy protection, however. When I try to import into DT, only the link is imported and when I try to open it within DT, I only see blank pages. Is there anyway to get the whole thing into DT and to annotate it.



What format is the eBook?

Do you have link to or import selected in the import preferences for importing documents?

I have one password protected pdf formatted eBook in DTPro and all I have to do is enter the PW to view it. I have another secure pdf that requires Acrobat to read it (DTPro displays a blank document).

I have used Ovis pdf recover to create a non-secure version of the “problem” eBook that I own for viewing with out Adobe. I am not certain if it violates a license agreement but, since I do own (and don’t distribute) the eBook, I feel it is an ethical use.


The eBook is in pdf format. However, I have been unable even to see it from within DT. I have tried using Ovis but I get an error message when I attempt to “repair” it. [I feel the same way re ethics - I am not going to distribute it, so see no reason why i shld not be able to work with the file]. It really bugs me that I cannot get at the document for research purposes