Edit - Find doing anything?

I Have been experimenting and getting to know DTPO. I am consolidating my emails as I seem to have no understanding of any need for their individual folder structure once I import them into DTPO. To do this I an looking for a better way to gather all the emails already imported and pop them into a single Email folder. Going through seemly endless little triangles is a pain. Wish there was an open all command to open all the folders under what folder your command to open all is given. Doing that I Could simply select all and drag all my emails into a single folder and … Done.

Using the search field on the menu bar has not been sufficient for this task. I was going to tray the proper Find command (Edit menu - Find in database). But triggering that command, does nothing at all.

Perhaps that wont work or perhaps It will but I cannot do anything with Find. I just ran verify and repair. Didn’t change the behavior. Is this another case of optimize to reset behavior? I will optimize the DB anyway once I have redistributed the emails. Why is my Find command not working?

ADDED: Apparently, there is just the one find command> I was under the impression ther were two, the menu bar and a more comprehensive search window? Reviewing the manual I think what selecting Edit - Find does is It just puts the cursor in the menubar search field.

Any additional comments on expanding folder and moving my emails into a single place is appreciated.

:smiley: I just discovered that command clicking on a triangle opens that folder and all It’s sub folders. That will help.


Edit > Find > In Database… activates the search field of the frontmost window, Edit > Find > Find… openes a panel to search in the current document and Tools > Search… opens the Search window. However, this will be simplified in the future.

Yes, that’s what I was looking for, the search window. The names are a little confusing, glad It is being discussed. Thanks.